Blend with advanced Security & Protection

All modules are equipped with Advanced Security and Protection. It is full encrypted with SSL and possess Backup capabilities

Adjustable menus and screens

All screens are adjustable according to the needs of the project, new screens can also be added

A Custom workflow is one of the most important features of the AKAR system

AKAR is designed to comply with all activities and policies in your organization, the system is implemented with your needs

Full support for commission system

AKAR-ERP supports the commission system. AKAR-ERP allows defining the commission value as a percentage or a fixed value.

Always responds with Detailed Reporting

AKAR offers detailed Reporting. You can export reporting files for printing in different formats.

Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud Platforms

We offer Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud platforms to store Data so it can be accessed from any where.

Inexpensive Solution with No Setup Cost

Without setup cost and not required any special Hardware. You only need a Browser to start working on LOGIX

Can Extend upto Multiple Branches & Companies

LOGIX can connect all of your Companies and Branches in a Safe & Secured way so updated Information will be available to every one.

Intelligence for Tomorrow. Its Fast & Flexible

ALOGIX has Super powers! Fast as a bullet and can grow as big as you need it to. There is no limit on creating Users, Branches, Assetts in one account.

We offers 24/7/365 Days Technical Support

Technical support is available through various channels such as email. Or contact customer service directly

Protects your Files & Data with 1 Click Backup

Information and Data is vital for any company so keeping that thing in mind, 1 Click Backup is available. You can take Backup of your Data and Restore any time.

Highly Compatible with Yemen & GCC Market

LOGIX is designed with consideration of Yemen and GCC market requirements.